2006 Australian Capital Territory's Award Winner

Dr Douglas Aberdeen

National ICT Australia (NICTA) Douglas, whose research is the field of ‘machine learning’; methods of allowing computers to ‘learn’ from experience and then improve their performance by being rewarded for doing well. His work enables machines to learn to do complex tasks like controlling robots, traffic lights and helicopters. He has received awards for early…

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Dr Ulrike Mathesius

Australian National University Ulrike is a plant scientist interested in the chemical communication between plant roots and soil microbes especially bacteria that convert nitrogen in the air to plant fertiliser. Her research has implications for the improvement of pasture plant performance through the targeted use of soil microbes for improving plant growth. She is interested…

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Dr David Tscharke

Australian National University David’s research interest is in the immune system and in particular, how the immune system recognises viruses and vaccines. A better understanding of how the immune system works is needed for the development of future vaccines. He is a natural communicator who has had great success in teaching, as well as establishing…

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