Find a Tall Poppy

Dr. Vasileios Stavropoulos

2022 Victorian Award Winner

Vasileios has significant professional experience in the field of Forensic/Clinical Psychology. His research specialisations involve the areas of Developmental Psychopathology, Psychometry and Behavioral Addictions while he serves as an associate academic... Read More »

Dr Cassandra Wright

2022 Northern Territory Award Winner

My research aims to reduce alcohol and other drugs harms in Australia. I study policies, people’s environments, their social and family lives and individual differences that influence alcohol and drug... Read More »

Dr Suzi Claflin

2022 Tasmanian Winner

I study things that we can do right now to improve the lives of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). My research focuses on two main areas: health education and... Read More »

Dr Sejeong Kim

2022 Victorian Award Winner

Sejeong’s field of research focuses on the development of light sources for integrated photonics circuits. In particular, she is interested in novel, emerging types of light signals, such as photons... Read More »

Zohra Lassi

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Zohra Lassi Disparities in health exist at geographical and socio-economic levels, and developing countries share the highest burden of deaths among mothers and children. In countries with all income levels,... Read More »

Tatiana Soares da Costa

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Tatiana Soares da Costa Effective herbicides are critical for agriculture. Without them, weeds outcompete crops for resources such as sunlight and nutrients, leading to reduced crop quality and yield. Worryingly,... Read More »

Sam Elliott

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Sam Elliott Organised youth sport can be an emotional context that undermines parenting behaviours and attitudes. Less desirable forms of parental involvement can negatively impact children’s enjoyment, motivation, psychosocial development,... Read More »

Rong Zhu

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Rong Zhu Australian face significant challenges in relation to labour, education and health. Dr Zhu’s economics research focuses on the causal analyses of these important policy-relevant topics. Rong’s examination of... Read More »

Renly Lim

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Renly Lim Almost everyone will take medicines at some point in their lives. Medicines have many benefits but can also cause harm. A total of 250,000 hospital admissions annually are... Read More »

Qi Wu

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Qi Wu Artificial intelligence is able to respond to a variety of verbal questions, but it cannot see the world around it and answer interesting questions about visual environments. Dr... Read More »

Jiawen Li

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Jiawen Li Heart attack occurs when a blood vessel supplying the heart is suddenly blocked due to the rupture of a high-risk plaque. Despite significant advances in cardiology, the accurate... Read More »

Erinn Fagan-Jeffries

2022 South Australian Award Winner

Erinn Fagan-Jeffries It’s estimated that only a third of Australia’s 200,000 insect species are formally named and described. This is a huge problem for conservation, biosecurity and ecological applications, as... Read More »

Dr Brendan Kennedy

2014 Western Australian Award Winner

The University of Western Australia Research Field: Biomedical engineering Breast cancer is the leading cancer-related disease in women in Australia and accounts for 15% of female cancer deaths. Surgery to... Read More »

Dr Peter Peeling

2014 Western Australian Award Winner

University of Western Australia Research Field: Human Movement and Sports Science Iron deficiency is the world’s most common nutrient disorder and is suggested to impact up to 11% and 35%... Read More »

Dr Tristan Clemons

2014 Western Australian Award Winner

The University of Western Australia Research Field: Nanotechnology Dr Tristan Clemons studies the synthesis and application of polymeric nanoparticles suitable for the delivery of therapeutics. In heart attack victims, Tristan’s... Read More »

Dr James Miller-Jones

2014 Western Australian Award Winner

Curtin University Research Field: Radio astronomy and jet physics Dr James Miller-Jones is recognised internationally as an expert in the field of relativistic jet launched from black holes. These jets... Read More »

Dr Sue-Ann Watson

2014 Queensland Award Winner

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/James Cook University Research Field: Marine Biology Dr Sue-Ann Watson investigates the effects of rising carbon dioxide on ocean animals. Marine invertebrates are... Read More »

Dr Claudia Vickers

2014 Queensland Award Winner

The University of Queensland Research Field: Microbial Metabolic Engineering Dr Claudia Vickers is a synthetic biologist with a focus on metabolic engineering in microbes. She is particularly interested in using... Read More »

Dr Lara Herrero

2014 Queensland Award Winner

Griffith University Research Field: Virology In 2004 Dr Lara Herrero was diagnosed with Ross River Virus, the result of being bitten by an infected mosquito. A decade later Lara’s research... Read More »

Dr Vincent Dalbo

2014 Queensland Award Winner

Central Queensland University Research Field: Medical and Applied Sciences Dr Vincent Dalbo looks at healthy aging and disease prevention. As we age our quality of life decreases due to loss... Read More »