2015 Tasmanian Award Winner

Dr Jessica Melbourne-Thomas

Marine Ecosystem Modelling Australian Antarctic Division and Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre Seventy percent of our planet’s surface is water and we depend on the oceans for a broad range of resources and services. But the underwater environment is difficult to observe and understand. Building ecosystem models as ‘flight simulators’ is the most…

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Dr Kaylene Young

Neural Stem Cells Menzies Institute for Medical Research Dr Young’s research investigates the behaviour and function of brain stem cells, and identifies ways to modulate their activity to achieve brain repair. She uses a variety of techniques to listen in on stem cell activity and, using a new technique called optogenetics, to change stem cell…

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Dr Quinn Fitzgibbon

Marine Biology and Physiology Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies Dr Fitzgibbon’s research focusses on understanding the fascinating larvae of lobsters in order to develop valuable aquaculture industries and to protect wild stocks which are at risk from over fishing and climate change. Lobsters have possibly the most bizarre and prolonged larvae life cycle of…

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