The Australian Institute of Policy and Science works at the interface between science, policy, and society. Through a diverse range of activities, the institute promotes science excellence, recognises public engagement of science, enables the discussion of how science should impact policy, and drives the critical debates facing Australia and the world.

THE TALL POPPY CAMPAIGN is Australia's longest running award for excellence in science and science communication. Since 1998 it has awarded over 700 of Australia's best young scientists, in every state and territory, helping to promote and grow our current science leaders, and the leaders of tomorrow

AQ: AUSTRALIAN QUARTERLY is Australia's longest running public affairs magazine, in print for over 90 years. It drives in-depth, evidence-informed debate on the social, political, and scientific issues that will shape Australia and the world. Subscriptions start from as little as $15 a year!

AIPS acknowledges the generous support funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through a grant in aid.

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THE FLOREY MEDAL is Australia's pre-eminent lifetime achievement award for researchers working in the bio-medical and life sciences. Meanwhile, THE FLOREY NEXT GENERATION AWARD aims to recognise rising stars in the field of medical science.

THE POST BUDGET HEALTH BRIEFING enables critical stakeholders in the sector to engage directly with the Minister for Health in the days following the annual budget, providing key insights into the future of Australia's healthcare system.

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