2023 Australian Capital Territory's Award Winner

Dr Florence Danila

Extreme and prolonged weather events including drought can cause significant decline in crop production, decreasing food supply, increasing food prices and reducing access to nutritious food. As climate change becomes more and more prevalent globally, there is an urgent need to improve plant’s ability to make food given less fertilizer and water and adapt to…

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Dr Annie Colebatch

The conversion of simple chemicals into more complex ones is essential for society, such as the manufacture of medicines and plastics. But these processes present significant challenges from a sustainability perspective as they can be energy intensive, produce large amounts of waste, and often rely on limited resources. Dr Annie Colebatch’s research aims to develop…

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Dr Tyrone Lavery

Australia and the South-west Pacific are rich in mammalian biodiversity, and many species are found nowhere else on the planet. But much work remains to better document this diversity and put conservation actions in place, because our region’s mammal extinction rates are extraordinarily high. Dr Tyrone Lavery uses field surveys, museum collections and molecular data…

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