2014 Australian Capital Territory's Award Winner

Dr Clare Holleley

University of Canberra Dr Clare Holleley is an Evolutionary Geneticist at the Institute for Applied Ecology. While she works across diverse research interests, one of Clare’s major focuses investigates the diverse array of sex determination mechanisms that occur in reptiles. The data collected has allowed her to predict evolutionary responses in sex determination within a…

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Dr Colin Jackson

Australian National University Dr Colin Jackson’s research is at the cutting edge of protein engineering and evolution. While evolution has been well defined at a macroscopic level, its molecular basis is not so well understood. Colin’s research is focused on discovering the rules and processes that define how evolution occurs. By simulating molecular evolution in…

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Dr Jackson Thomas

University of Canberra In 2013 the World Health Organisation listed scabies as a neglected tropical disease. Here in Australia scabies affects 6 in 10 Indigenous children at any given time; this is six times the rate seen in the rest of the developed world. Along with his research team, Dr Jackson Thomas has developed a…

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