2021 Australian Capital Territory’s Award Winner

Dr Brett Scholz

Australian National University Research Field: Consumer, Health Systems Health systems co-produced with or led by consumers provide more relevant, safer, and innovative care. However, there are barriers to such involvement and resistance to a paradigm shift that positions consumers as experts in the health system. Brett’s research program explores ways in which barriers to consumer…

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Dr Steph McLennan

Geoscience Australia Research Field: Geoscience, Landscape Evolution We like to think of Antarctica as a pristine, icy wilderness but its small ice-free areas are relatively easy to access and under increasing pressure from national programs and tourism. Understanding these environments is critical to protect them and remediate past damage. By studying the geology and landscape…

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Dr Megan Evans

UNSW Canberra Research Field: Biodiversity Conservation Governments around the world have introduced laws, policies, and markets that aim to protect the environment, but species continue to go extinct at an alarming rate. Many of these efforts – including biodiversity and carbon offsets – can often sound good in theory, but not work so well in…

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