2012 Australian Capital Territory's Award Winner

Dr John Young

Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW Research Field: Bio-mimicry and Aerodynamics 2012 ACT Young Tall Poppy of the Year Dr Young is studying the complex aerodynamics of insects such as dragonflies, bees and locusts, to learn how we might replicate their abilities. Flapping wings, as an alternative to fixed or rotary wings, are at the cutting edge…

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Dr Elizabeth Williams

The Australian National University Research Field: Nuclear physics Dr Williams attempts to understand this subatomic world, by ‘smashing’ atoms together to see if they “fuse”, to form new nuclei, or break apart. Studying the difference between these two outcomes may reveal the best way to make new superheavy elements that we think should exist but are still…

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Dr Tom Bridge

Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation Biology Queensland Museum Network We typically think of coral reefs as shallow, sun-drenched habitats with crystal clear waters, but this view represents only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Dr Bridge’s research focuses on the coral reef ‘twilight zone’ – the deep waters below the depths accessible to conventional SCUBA divers. Using…

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