Awards & Events

The Australian Institute of Policy & Science has been celebrating the achievements of Australian scientists for over 90 years with
awards and related events.

Young Tall Poppy Awards

The Young Tall Poppy science awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of Australian scientists.

Become a 2024 Young Tall Poppy to be recognised for your intellectual and scientific excellence and further engage in activities to promote interest in science amongst the broader community.

The Florey & Florey Next Generation Award

Established in 1998 and bearing the likeness of one of Australia's greatest scientists, The Florey Medal is one of Australia's most esteemed awards in the health sciences. It is awarded biennially to an Australian researcher for significant lifetime achievements in biomedical science and / or human health advancement.

The AIPS Florey Next Generation Award (formerly CSL Florey Next Generation) is a new award conferred to a current PhD candidate who has demonstrated outstanding capability, creativity and potential in the biomedical sciences and/or health and medical research. This award was developed from the earlier CSL Young Florey Medal.

Post Budget Health Briefing Events

The Post Budget Health Briefing is traditional event series that enables critical stakeholders in the sector to engage directly with the Minister for Health and Aged Care.

These events are proudly sponsored by Medicines Australia and Johnson & Johnson.