2020 Tasmanian Award Winner

Dr Andrew Flies

UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA Research Field: Immunology Cancer is a problem that affects all animals, ranging from humans to Tasmanian devils whose population has plummeted in the past 20 years due to a contagious cancer. His research tracks successful human cancer immunotherapies and engineers them for diagnostic and therapeutic tools in other animals. His pioneering work…

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A/Prof Dawn Aitken

UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA Research Field: Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a painful, disabling, and costly condition that affects the joints in our body including the knees, hips and hands. At present there are no treatments that slow disease progression meaning patients continue to experience pain while the disease gets worse. Dawn’s research centres on improving our understanding…

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Dr Beth Penrose

UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA Research Field: Agriculture What species or variety of a crop we grow, where we grow it and how we manage it can massively affect the quantity of the vitamins and minerals it contains. Increasing the amounts of these nutrients can benefit the health of the humans and animals who eat them. Dr…

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