Would you like a Tall Poppy Scientist to visit your School? Our Tall Poppy Scientists are inspirational and engaging and we’ve had many successful school incursions both in person and online. Use the search bar at the top of this page to search for a Tall Poppy using keywords. If you find a Tall Poppy that you’d like to work with reach out to us at outreach@aips.net.au and we will do our best to assist.

Please note that all of our Tall Poppy alumni are full-time scientists and may not be available to assist with all requests.

"Every other year we run a STEM week here at Fintona Girls School. It is reassuring for us to know that we can readily call on Tall Poppies to help organise guest speakers to present to our students. The Tall Poppy speakers are expert in their fields, have relevant and relatable insights to share, and can engage and inspire students on their level. Tall Poppy speakers are a vital component in our quest to promote STEM subjects and career paths to our students"
Fintona Girls School

Science Tall Tales

Poo transplants in mice? Francine discusses diet, heart health and why the right diet and microbes in your gut could lead to better health.

Bones. What makes bones healthy as we age? Ayse Zengin discusses bone density and lifestyle choices.