Dr Michelle Jongenelis

The University of Melbourne
Research Field: Health Promotion

Health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes are leading causes of ill health and premature death in Australia. Half of all Australians have at least one chronic disease and a substantial minority have multiple. The impact of these conditions on quality of life is profound. Encouragingly, these conditions can be prevented.

Dr Jongenelis’ translational work is instrumental in developing the evidence-base needed to optimise preventive medicine in Australia. Her research involves developing and evaluating innovative programs and campaigns encouraging and assisting people across the lifespan to quit smoking and e-cigarette use, reduce their alcohol intake, increase their engagement in physical activity, improve their diet, and engage in sun protection behaviours.

To ensure research outcomes reach a non-scientific audience, Dr Jongenelis actively disseminates her work and promotes scientific findings through mainstream media channels including radio, TV, and podcasts. Dr Jongenelis also collaborates with many not-for-profit community and health organisations to enhance scientific literacy in the general public. She has a keen interest in promoting science in the policy sphere, leading multiple submissions to government consultations on tobacco and alcohol control legislation.

Dr Jongenelis received her PhD from The University of Western Australia in 2014. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and Deputy Director of the Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change at The University of Melbourne.

Health Promotion