Dr Sejeong Kim

Sejeong’s field of research focuses on the development of light sources for integrated photonics circuits.

In particular, she is interested in novel, emerging types of light signals, such as photons with spin/angular momentum or with various photon statistics. The evolution of electronic devices has transformed our daily lives. Future computing and communication devices will incorporate photonics, which allow faster computations and secure communications.

She also wrote a book titled ‘Things I wish I knew before PhD’, which will be published in few months. She wrote the Korean version of the ‘San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment’ for a widespread of the declaration.

Apart from various official engagements, such as being an invited speaker at numerous events, her involvement extends to volunteer initiatives. For instance, she taught science to students from low-income families. She genuinely enjoys imparting her knowledge, and she serves as an inspiring young role model for many.

Her story, both written and spoken, has inspired many, as she overcame numerous difficulties throughout her career, growing up in a single-parent, low-income family, and as a female physicist in a male-dominated discipline