Dr Julie Karel

Dr Julie Karel

Senior Lecturer, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Monash University

Information technology (IT) devices consume about 8% of global electricity, and this percentage is set to double every 10 years. The many smart electronic devices that we use every day (e.g., smart phones, tablets, laptops) contribute substantially to climate change, and as our world becomes even more electronically connected, we urgently need electronics that use less energy. Current electronic devices and the materials used to make them do not meet these low energy expectations.

My research focuses on developing new materials for low energy electronics. Although the past 5-8 years have seen rapid progress in this area, many of the new materials developed use expensive rare elements that decompose in air and are not compatible with current manufacturing methods. My work involves materials that are abundant and compatible with existing fabrication technology, so not only do they reduce the energy consumption of electronic devices but they make the devices inexpensive and sustainable to produce.

Materials Science, Materials Physics, Condensed Matter Experimental Physics

Materials Science