A/Prof Nicole Kiss

2019 Nicole Kiss Profile Health IPAN Deakin Research

Clinical Associate Professor and Victorian Cancer Agency Nursing and Allied Health Clinical Research Fellow at Deakin University

A staggering 1 in 3 people with cancer are malnourished. People with cancer-related malnutrition are more likely to die sooner, have poorer quality of life and are less likely to complete their cancer treatment. Yet, cancer-related malnutrition is under-recognised and under-treated.

As an oncology dietitian, Associate Professor Kiss’ research is determining predictors for cancer-related malnutrition and muscle loss to facilitate early detection and intervention. Her current e-ENHANCE study is developing an online personalised nutrition and exercise intervention to improve access to evidence-based care for people with cancer-related malnutrition, particularly those treated within under-resourced health services.

Nicole has presented in public seminars for the Lung Foundation Australia and Clinical Oncology Society of Australia. She works closely with industry and the Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative to produce articles, infographics and booklets on recognising malnutrition and optimising nutrition that communicate evidence-based nutrition advice for people with cancer.

Nutrition, malnutrition, cancer, body composition, diet, oncology, dietitian