Dr Saman Khalesi

Dr Saman Khalesi

We are bombarded with dietary myths and misinformation every day. Following these diets and advice blindly has the potential to be harmful, especially for those with health conditions.

Saman’s research focuses on equipping consumers with tools to identify misinformation and make informed food choices. Working with consumers and communities, and in collaboration with health professionals, he is developing 24/7 online coaching programs to provide evidence-based dietary information and misinformation-busting forums.

Saman has contributed to nutrition magazines, social media, interviews and articles. His SaltED program is educating Australian adults about salt, food labelling, misinformation and ways to reduce salt intake. His community workshops, science promotion activities and lectures on food choices upskill the general population and educate future scientists.

Dr Khalesi received his PhD from Griffith University in 2016. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the National Heart Foundation and a Senior Lecturer and Discipline Lead in Nutrition at Central Queensland University in Brisbane.

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