Dr Kate Helmstedt

Dr Kate Helmstedt

We’re in an environmental crisis – human populations are growing, and we are pushing species and ecosystems toward the brink of collapse. We need to carefully manage those systems and human pressures to protect ecosystems into the future.

Dr Helmstedt uses mathematics to build models that allow us to understand complex ecological systems like the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica. She uses these models to predict future outcomes, and design the best management that maximises future sustainability.

Kate has participated in many educational programs including Flying Scientist in 2021, Australian Mathematical Sciences ChooseMaths program, mentoring through Girls Who Code not-for-profit organisation, featured as a guest on the “That’s What I Call Science!” podcast and Soapbox Science in 2021.

Dr Helmstedt was awarded her PhD in 2015 at the University of Queensland and is now a Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology.

Mathematics, modelling, decision science, biodiversity conservation, mathematical ecology