A/Prof Christian Moro

A/Prof Christian Moro

Over 16% of people have an ‘overactive bladder’. This can result in painful, urgent desires to urinate, as well as impact sleep and the general quality of life.

Most people who seek pharmaceutical treatments for this disorder cease their regimens due to lower-than-expected benefits or adverse side effects. However, some success has been found with the use of combination therapies, where several alternative receptors are concurrently targeted.

This presents a clear need to assess which receptors may contribute to dysfunction. Dr Moro’s research has provided insights into a range of novel alternative receptors systems, providing direction for future pharmaceutical treatments for bladder dysfunction.

In addition, Dr Moro has been active in educating the public on health physiology. He runs an Instagram and YouTube channel, ‘Physiology with Dr Christian’, and has created educational resources alongside the Ted-ED group, Cheddar News Channel, The Conversation and more, receiving over 10 million views. Dr Moro also contributes regular columns across a range of news and media outlets.

Christian was awarded his PhD in 2013 at Bond University. He is now an Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine at Bond University.

Physiology, Urology, Biology, Anatomy, Education, Virtual Reality