Dr Jingwei Hou

When we think about glass materials, they are inert, heavy, hard and most importantly, brittle. Broken mobile phone screens are expensive to repair and also generate a considerable amount of e-wastes.

Dr Hou’s research may shatter your expectations of glass. By using a new type of hybrid glass materials, he may be able to make a resilient mobile phone screen that produces high-quality images for phones, LEDs and computers.

Jingwei has appeared on multiple national television interviews including ABC News and 7 News. He also appeared in other traditional media interviews including The Economist, Cosmos magazine and CSIRO Double Helix magazine. Jingwei also participates in many public presentations – most recently the 2022 National Science Week Gala Dinner on the topic “Glass: more than meets the eye”.

Dr Hou was awarded his PhD in 2015 from the University of New South Wales. Currently, he is an ARC Future Fellow and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland.

Materials engineer