Dr Benjamin Henley

Research Field: Climate Science & Water Resources

Climate change and risks to global water supplies pose some of the deepest
challenges for humanity and Earth’s natural ecosystems.
Dr Henley’s research combines advances in high-resolution palaeoclimatology,
climate modelling and hydrology to quantify risk. His research underpins the science
behind the challenge of ensuring a safe climate and reliable water supplies. He
develops models to simulate hydrological processes and undertake water resources
risk assessments, he reconstructs past climates to characterise natural variability
and contextualise recent climate change, and he uses climate models to quantify
future risks under contrasting mitigation scenarios. His work has been used to
underpin water planning and to demonstrate the benefits of global action to reduce
the impacts of climate change.
As a passionate and committed science communicator, Ben engages directly with
the community through radio, television, print, online and in person. He contributes
through news, school visits, explainer videos, community groups, social media,
business, government and the IPCC. With over 50 media appearances, an online
readership of nearly one million, and significant contributions to international news,
he continually seeks to engage, inform and enthuse his audiences.