A/Prof Yuming Guo

Research Field: Climate Science

Global environmental change is unprecedented in scale. Human health is a crucial bottom-line indicator
of the impacts of global environmental change on human communities. However, a big challenge is to
understand how environmental conditions and large-scale changes, especially at both local and global
level, influence and perhaps determine the health outcomes for whole communities and populations
over a long timeframe, because of the data availability and modelling complexity.
Dr Guo is enthusiastic about open science, big data analysis, and collaboration. For example, he leads
the establishment of the Asia Pacific Cohort Consortium for Environmental Health Effects, which
involves 25 cohorts (about 6 million individuals) from 10 countries.
Dr Guo’s current research focuses on development of novel study designs for individual and small-area
analyses, use of novel remote sensing and mobile technologies in epidemiology, spatiotemporal
modelling of environmental exposures and risks, and projections for health impacts of global
environmental change.
Dr Guo completed his PhD at Queensland University of Technology in 2012, and is currently a
Professor of Global Environmental Health and Biostatistics at Monash University.