Dr Sabin Zahirovic

Research Field: Geology & Climate Science

The changing arrangement of continents and oceans is driven by the churning
interior of our planet, driving natural shifts in Earth’s climate and providing a
unique planetary life support system. Dr Sabin Zahirovic builds numerical
representations of Earth’s geological and tectonic evolution over hundreds of
millions of years.
As the unifying theory in Earth sciences, plate tectonic principles are used by
Sabin to construct community numerical models that explain the tremendous
physiographic changes to our planet’s surface. These processes are responsible
for ocean circulation patterns, long-term sea level changes, and the
biogeographic dispersal of plants and animals. For example, Sabin’s research
shows why tectonic plates with large continents move more slowly, and
provides unprecedented insights into our planet’s “deep carbon cycle”
Sabin’s deep-time models also help track geological processes that are
responsible for focusing precious materials, providing a framework for more
targeted mineral exploration needed for a low-carbon future.
Dr Zahirovic received his PhD in 2015, and in 2020 was awarded a Robinson
Fellowship to continue his research in the School of Geosciences at the
University of Sydney.