A/Prof Jill Newby

Research Field: Mental Health

Anxiety and depression affect more than 3 million Australians, and have devastating effects on individuals, their
families and communities. Although excellent psychological treatments exist, such as cognitive behavioural
therapy (CBT), many do not seek help, or cannot access or afford the right type of help when they need it. Jill’s
research aims to improve the mental health of people with depression and anxiety and those at risk, through
improving access to high quality treatment. Her research focuses on developing and testing new technology-
delivered treatments for depression and anxiety in adults, delivered via the internet, smartphone apps, and virtual
Jill is an Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist and MRFF Career Development Fellow at the Black Dog
institute and UNSW Sydney. She was awarded a Masters of Clinical Psychology and PhD at UNSW Sydney. Her
community engagement and outreach activities focus on mental health awareness, encouraging help-seeking
and providing practical advice for managing fear, anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. These
include articles for the Conversation, and Sydney Morning Herald, interviews for media outlets including ABC, the
Australian, the Project and Sky News, and podcasts (e.g., Sydney Swans).