Dr Alex Russell

Research Field: Psychology

Technology is changing gambling. Online gambling allows people to bet anywhere, anytime.
New gambling forms are emerging in and around video games. These changes appeal to
people who are vulnerable to harm, including young people.
Dr Russell investigates the psychology of gambling, focusing on how technology is changing
gambling, who is most at risk, and how to minimise harm. He has also investigated a wide
range of other topics within gambling, including how our friends and family influence our
gambling behaviour, the nature of stigma towards people experiencing gambling harm and
how to reduce it, and the effects of gambling advertising and promotions on gambling
behaviour and harm.
Alex is particularly passionate about science communication, and is regularly interviewed by
the media for television, radio and online articles. In 2019 he was an ABC Top 5 Scientist and
completed a two-week residency at the ABC. He is interested in a wide range of research
topics outside of gambling, especially taste and smell perception and wine expertise. He
completed his PhD in 2014 at the University of Sydney.