Dr Caroline Moul

Research Field: Psychology

Child development is much like building a tower of blocks; new skills and abilities often rely on those
already acquired. This enables rapid progression but also means that cracks in the foundations can
put typical development at risk.
Dr Caroline Moul investigates the cognitive mechanisms underlying abnormal development, with a
focus on the roles of attention and associative learning. Her research uses computer-based tasks with
eye-tracking technology alongside clinical measures to understand how subtle differences in these
fundamental processes can interact with normal developmental to put a child at risk for mental illness.
In order to understand abnormal development you first need to understand typical development. Dr
Moul’s community engagement has focussed on increasing the general public’s understanding in this
area. She has featured on many popular media outlets, including Studio10, 2dayFM, and Sydney
Morning Herald. In 2018, she provided commentary for the Channel 10 documentary series, ‘The
Secret Life of 4 Year Olds’. Dr Moul received her PhD from the University of New South Wales in
2012 and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney.