Dr Luke Bennetts

Dr_Luke_Bennetts_portrait_low_res3The University of Adelaide

Research Field: Theoretical and Applied Mathematics

Dr Luke Bennetts uses mathematics and laboratory experiments to study waves. These could be sound waves, water waves (ocean waves), or electromagnetic waves (the light delivering internet through optic fibres). He uses mathematical equations to model these waves and develops methods to solve equations efficiently.

In particular, his models predict where and how water waves travel into the frozen Arctic and Antarctic Oceans where they break up the ice cover on the ocean surface, leaving it susceptible to melting in response to warming temperatures.

Dr Bennetts has been involved in TenTastic for Year 1 students and formed the Australasian wave science community network through the KOZWaves conference series. He co-initiated the University of Adelaide’s participation in the Mathematical Contest in Modelling, he is also currently designing a 1 hour activity to promote mathematics to year 9 and 10 school girls as part of the University of Adelaide’s Young Women in Technology Experience.

Dr Bennetts is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Adelaide and holds a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).

  • Theoretical Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
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