Dr Justin Chalker

Dr_Justin_Chalker_portrait_low_res4Flinders University

Research Field: Organic Chemistry

Dr Justin Chalker uses innovative chemistry to solve grand challenges in sustainability, biochemistry and medicine. This includes new diagnostic tools that detect biomarkers for diseases such as cancer, biodegradable wound dressings to help burns victims, and designing materials that protect the environment, for example, a material made entirely from waste that binds to mercury and removes it from soil and water.

For Dr Chalker, science is fascinating and essential to solving global problems. He has given public lectures on the impact of chemistry, was involved in the Chemistry Show at Science Alive! and has had stories featured on ABC radio, ABC Catalyst and Scope.

He is also currently in collaboration with artists at MONA in Hobart, where he is working to merge art and science to promote environmental awareness. Dr Chalker is currently a Lecturer in Synthetic Chemistry at Flinders University.

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Chemistry