Dr Heidi Alleway

Dr_Heidi_Alleway_portrait_low_resDepartment of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA)

Research Field: Marine Ecology

Dr Heidi Alleway research is interested in how each generation forgets or inaccurately recalls the historical state of the environment. This ‘collective amnesia’ is know as ‘The Shifting Baseline Syndrome’ and occurs because scientists and the community do not always have a good understanding of the way a species, habitat or ecosystem used to be.

Dr Alleyway’s research into historical ecology investigates past states of the environment through the use of historical records, including fishery log books, diaries of pioneers, newspapers, photographs or maps. In doing so, she provides a more realistic understanding of the capacity of the environment for future use.

Dr Alleway has been an active communicator of her science to government, industry and community groups. She has also generated an online media platform ‘A History of Fish’ that allows researchers and members of the public to share knowledge.

Dr Alleway is currently the General Manager of Aquaculture, Policy and Environment (PIRSA).

  • Historical Ecology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Policy
  • Aquaculture
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Science