Sam Elliott

Sam Elliot

Sam Elliott

Organised youth sport can be an emotional context that undermines parenting behaviours and attitudes. Less desirable forms of parental involvement can negatively impact children’s enjoyment, motivation, psychosocial development, and long-term participation. 

Dr Elliott’s research focuses on how the broader youth sport environment influences parents’ capacity to provide social, emotional, and logistical support for children. His research currently examines how sporting clubs can intervene from ‘day one’ of the family sporting journey to optimise the nature and timing of parental involvement. 

Sam communicates his research findings to government and non-government organisations, via his popular podcast Beyond the Club, through science communication events including Falling Walls Lab Australia and Universities Australia Pitch it clever competition, via public debates and lectures such as Fearless Conversations and Meet the Minds, and through popular press including 7 News, The Advertiser and ABC radio. 

Sam was awarded his PhD in 2014 at Flinders University. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology and Coaching, Flinders University

Human Movement, Sports Science.