Tatiana Soares da Costa

Tatiana Soares da Costa - SA 2022 Tall Poppy

Tatiana Soares da Costa

Effective herbicides are critical for agriculture. Without them, weeds outcompete crops for resources such as sunlight and nutrients, leading to reduced crop quality and yield. Worryingly, our current herbicides are failing because weeds are evolving mechanisms to become resistant to their effects. 

Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa leads a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to discovering new and safe herbicides that are less prone to developing resistance. Her group uses innovative, time and cost-effective strategies to expedite bringing herbicides to the market to ensure food security for future generations.

Tatiana is engaged in outreach to a broad audience, through her work with politicians as a Director at Science & Technology Australia, with students (e.g. Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools) as well as the general public through talks (e.g. Castlemaine Festival, Soapbox Science) and media coverage (e.g. Adelaide Advertiser, ABC, ABC Riverland, ABC Rural, 3RRR).


Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa was awarded a PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2013 and recently returned to the University as a Future Making Fellow and Lab Head.

Agriculture, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, plant biology