Zohra Lassi

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Zohra Lassi

Disparities in health exist at geographical and socio-economic levels, and developing countries share the highest burden of deaths among mothers and children. In countries with all income levels, health and illness follow a social gradient: the lower the socioeconomic position, the worse the health.

Dr Zahra Lassi leads a multidisciplinary team with a vision to ensure that disadvantaged women and children don’t just survive but thrive and enjoy health (access to health care) and quality of life through identifying effective promotive, preventive, and therapeutic interventions. Her research has also tested different ways to deliver essential health and nutrition services in settings that have limited resources, such as the use of community/outreach workers.

Zahra has tutored school students interested in STEM and undergraduate nursing and medical students in research methods with a focus on public health. She has facilitated voluntary evidence synthesis training workshops in developing countries and has recently volunteered for STEM training as part of the Academics Without Borders Program.

Dr Lassi was awarded her PhD in 2015 at the University of Adelaide. She is currently an NHMRC (Emerging Leader 2) funded Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide.

Public Health, Global Health, Maternal and Child Health, Adolescent Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health