Dr Marissa Betts

University of New England
Research Field: Palaeontology

The early Cambrian Period captures the first major radiation of complex animal life. Developing and refining the geological timescale is an ongoing endeavour, and the Cambrian remains one of the last systems in the timescale to have all boundaries ratified. 

Dr Betts’ research follows the overarching theme of early Cambrian fossil faunas and their application as tools to answer broader, geologically-themed questions. She has used vast shelly fossil and geochemical datasets, and tightly resolved radiometric dates to create a new dating scheme for the early Cambrian of South Australia.

Marissa is part of the Superstars of STEM program and is STEM Coach for Curious Minds Australia, inspiring female students to pursue careers in STEM. She made a major scientific contribution to the Flinders Ranges World Heritage nomination. She has begun a collaboration called “Sci Flicks” which are fun public events that link a science-themed movie with research that is happening at UNE. 

Dr Betts completed her PhD in 2016 at Macquarie University, Sydney. She is currently a lecturer in Earth Science at the University of New England, Armidale.