Dr Maiken Ueland

University of Technology Sydney
Research Field: Forensic Chemistry, Disaster Response

Mass disaster events are increasing worldwide, as evidenced by the recent floods and bushfires in Australia. During these events it is crucial to locate victims, who may be trapped or hidden, quickly and safely. 

To tackle this challenging task, Dr Ueland is creating new technology capable of chemically scenting victims so that they can be found faster to increase their chance of survival, or in case of deceased victims, provide answers to family members. Maiken’s research has led to the development of an electronic nose that is being used successfully in large simulated mass disasters. With further advancements, this tool has the potential to become a major feature in search and rescue operations worldwide.

Dr Ueland actively engages with the public. She was an ambassador for national science week 2019 and has also been featured on the Conversation and in various national and international media, including Dr Karl’s ‘Science Hour’. Maiken is also regularly providing training to law enforcement agencies.

Dr Maiken Ueland was awarded her PhD in 2016 and is currently an ARC DECRA fellow and Deputy Director of the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research at the Centre for Forensic Science, Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney.