A/Prof Hannah Power

University of Newcastle
Research Field: Coastal Science, Marine Science

Coast around the world are being impacted by the changing climate and will experience more frequent and severe coastal erosion and flooding events. This means we need to use the best available science to manage our coasts and preserve these unique environments.

Hannah’s research aims to better understand the processes that drive change on our coasts and coastal hazards like extreme waves. The outcomes from her research will drive better coastal management processes in the face of climate change and enhanced safety outcomes for coastal communities.

Hannah has been interviewed for renowned  news outlets such as BBC World News, Al Jazeera and ABC National Radio breakfast. She has also participated in Pint of Science Festivals in 2016 and 2019, and the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program.

Hannah completed her PhD in 2011 through the University of Queensland and is now an Associate Professor of Coastal and Marine Science at the University of Newcastle.