Dr Kathryn Backholer

Dr Lila Landowski

Deakin University
Research Field: Nutritional Epidemiology & Public Health

We cannot tackle disease and death without tackling food; poor diet is the number one risk or disease burden both in Australia, and globally. The influence of an unhealthy diet is worse for the poor and socially disadvantaged, in Australia the poor can expect to live on average six years less than the rich, and spend much more of their lives with chronic diet-related illnesses.

Dr Backholer’s research uses nutrition science to understand the dietary mechanisms that influence socioeconomic inequalities in health, to unpack the barriers and enablers to healthy eating. Her research has identified effective and equitable intervention leverage points to improve population diets.

Kathryn communicates her passion for science through regular engagement with school children, and the media, including The New York Times and the ABC, through working with government agencies to influence policy, and by participating in public debates on sugary drink regulation. Dr Backholer received her PhD from Monash University in 2009, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the ‘Food Policy, Evidence and Equity’ research group at Deakin University.