Dr Scott Griffiths

Dr Scott Griffiths

University of Melbourne
Research Field: Psychology

Eating disorders are a debilitating and potentially lethal category of psychiatric illness. However, an intrinsic assumption in theories of eating disorders is that the attitudes and behaviours that characterise these illnesses are geared toward the pursuit of thinness, rather than muscularity.

Dr Griffith’s research on the new psychiatric disorders of muscle dysmorphia and anabolic-androgenic steroid dependence, which typically affect males, has shown that these are just as deadly as thinness-orientated eating disorders. He is working to uncover and understand the key differences between thinness- and muscularity-oriented eating disorders. His research has shown that muscularity-focused eating disorder psychopathology is the key driving force behind the use of injected anabolic steroids in both Australia and New Zealand.

Scott is committed to engaging with the community to discuss the science of male eating disorders, and has given over 300 media interviews, including live TV interviews on the ABC, SBS, Channels 7, 9, and 10, as well as given two TEDx talks. Dr Griffiths received his PhD from the University of Sydney in 2016, and is currently an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.