Dr Andy Casey

Dr Andy Casey

Monash University
Research Field: Astrophysics & Statistics

Stars live for billions of years, and they can travel huge distances during their lifetime. This can make it difficult to understand the history of our galaxy, because we don’t know where stars were formed or how they have moved through the galaxy.

Dr Casey’s research uses high-resolution spectra of distant stars to ascertain their chemical composition, giving them a chemical ‘fingerprint’. He uses these fingerprints to help understand how stars and gases disperse, which allows him to ‘rewind’ the history of our galaxy.

Andy is an enthusiastic and passionate advocate for science and astronomy, including being involved in public observing nights, school visits for primary and secondary students, as well as participating in Science Meets Parliament. Dr Casey received his PhD from the Australian National University in 2013, and is now a lecturer at Monash University.