Dr Zoë Doubleday

University of Adelaide
Research Field: Ecology

While many longer-lived mammals, reptiles, birds and fish are already being negatively impacted by recent changes to the marine environment, growing evidence suggests that invertebrates like squid and jelly fish are instead thriving.  These organisms, aptly named “weeds of the sea”, have every aspect of their physiology honed to exploit new environmental opportunities. Through analysis of historic data, field observations and lab experiments, Dr Doubleday is investigating whether human activities are giving these fast-paced, adaptable organisms a competitive edge in the marine food web, and consequently driving a ‘weedy’ future for our oceans.

By using quirky stories and tales of trials & tribulations delivered in culturally-relatable language, Zoë is able to capture the imaginations of media professionals, the general public, and school children. She is also actively investigating ways to improve scientific writing to facilitate better transfer of knowledge from scientists to their peers and the outside world.

Dr Doubleday was awarded her PhD from the University of Tasmania in 2009. She is currently a research fellow in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

  • Ecology
  • Biology