Dr Jayakumar Bose

University of Adelaide
Research Field: Plant science / Plant physiology

In Australia, soil salinity affects approximately 30% of all agricultural soil, and 69% of the wheat belt, causing up to $1.3 billion per year in lost yields. Our traditional food crops are not well-equipped to grow and produce food in salty soils. The salinisation of agricultural lands is steadily increasing due to climate change, and at current rates jeopardises the increase in food production required.

Dr Bose’s research is focusing on discovering salt-tolerant genes from naturally salt-loving plants like seagrass. He then introduces these salt tolerant genes into our traditional crops to increase food production in countries like Australia with salty soil.

Jayakumar is passionate about raising awareness of environmental problems affecting crops and creating a positive public dialogue about how plant science can help combat these challenges. He campaigned for science at the Science Meets Parliament event, and has be involved in running interactive sessions on science to hundreds of school children, teachers and the wider community.

Dr Bose completed his PhD in Agriculture at the university of Western Australia in 2011. He currently holds an ARC Discovery Early Career Research award (DECRA) and is an ARC Research Associate at the University of Adelaide.

  • Plant science
  • Plant physiology
  • Biology