Dr Danail Obreschkow


International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, University of Western Australia 


There are ten times more stars in the universe than can be explained by current theories of star formation rates. Observations of the Milky Way have shown that stars are born at a rate of about one new star per year. Yet to account for all the stars above us, galaxies in the past must have been forming stars at a rate 10 to 20 times this.

Dr Danail Obreschkow’s research has uncovered the role that galactic rotation plays in star formation and that the galactic angular momentum regulates gas physics, star formation and the morphology of galaxies. His discovery has closed several big gaps in the theory of galaxy evolution.

Danail has also produced a number of apps to promote astronomy to the public, delivered numerous public presentations and frequently conducts community star-gazing activities. His work has been featured on Channel 10, the BBC and in several major newspapers.

  • Galaxy Evolution
  • Star Formation
  • Cosmic Large-Scale Structure
  • Cosmology
  • Astrophysics
  • Physics
  • Space Science