Associate Professor Chris Abbiss


Edith Cowan University 

Exercise and Health Science – Physiology


Associate Professor Chris Abbiss’ research focuses on understanding how humans respond and adapt to exercise, in particular how body temperature affects the development of fatigue. Chris has investigated the association between hyperthermia and blood flow regulation, as well as the effect of altered oxygen delivery on the body. This research has been utilised by some of Australia’s most talented athletes for competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Tour de France. It has also had benefits in occupations with risks of heat stress, such as fire-fighting and mining. His discoveries have proven important in a range of situations from elite athletic to general and clinical populations.

Chris has worked to ensure that his research is translated to practical clinical outcomes, whether it’s with athletes or children with cerebral palsy. He has also discussed his finding on TV, radio and published numerous articles in the public sphere.

  • Applied Human Physiology
  • Exercise Performance
  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Science