Dr Yin Paradies

University of Melbourne
Research Field: Social Epidemiology

Dr Paridies researches the extent of racism and its health, social and economic consequences and is internationally recognised as an expert in this field. He seeks to understand the detrimental effects of racism that occur through inequitable or reduced access to societal resources such as employment, education, housing and medical care, alongside psychosocial stress. Yin has shown that racism is associated with depression, stress, physical illness and social exclusion. Most importantly, he focuses on the potential to change attitudes beliefs and behaviours, breaking down barriers between diverse groups, and exploring the challenges and benefits of diversity and its promotion.

Yin’s research has received coverage on the Channel 10 News, ABC Radio AM, ABC news, ABC statewide drive Vic, ABC Darwin, Koori Radio, and 3AW. Articles focusing on his research have appeared in The Age, The Canberra Times, The Herald Sun, Koori Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Ballarat Courier as well as internationally in U.S., Indian and Chinese print media. He work has informed many key policy documents in particular in Victoria where he won the 2010 VicHealth Award for Advocacy. He has participated in numerous policy and community forums, as well as being featured on two YouTube clips and a Brains Matter podcast.

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