Associate Professor Cassandra Szoeke

National Ageing Research Institute
Research Field: Healthy Ageing

Australia is facing what could be described as an Alzheimer’s epidemic. The number of people with Alzheimer’s Dementia is set to increase by five times by 2050. Most research has been focused on the later stages. A/Prof Szoeke dedicates her research and clinical expertise towards prevention and potentially reducing the incidence and rate of progression of this disease by focusing on earlier stages such as through her work on the Women’s Healthy Ageing Study answering questions about risk factors from 45 so as to improve cognition after 65. She collects and analyses data so as to better understand how it starts, who gets it and why.

Cassandra has authored a book on brain health with CSIRO and Alzheimers’s Australia, has provided guidelines for GPs and participated in a collaboration bringing together clinicians and CSIRO engineers to deliver EHealth technology in clinical; medicine. She has been actively involved in community lectures, working groups and delivering information direct to the public via media engagements, and has presented to a wide variety of audiences from patients and carers, to industry and business CEOs and to specialised medical personnel.

The Women’s Healthy Ageing Project

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