Dr Matthew Hill

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering
Research Field: Materials Chemistry

Dr Hill has developed ultra-porous materials known as metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for use in gas storage, purification, and delivery. Bonding a gas to a surface means it packs in many times more densely than possible as a compressed gas and the MOFs he has developed presently hold world records for storage of hydrogen and natural gas at room temperature, and carbon dioxide at zero degrees.

He discovered the first MOFs made of very lightweight atoms enabling an increase in hydrogen capacity per gram of material. Matthew’s research outcomes impact clean energy and energy efficient technologies. They have found application in the automotive industry and generated strong collaboration from the global scientific community.

Matthew has featured in national and local mainstream media including Australasian Science and Solve. From hosting the UNSW Chemistry Department magic show early in his career to engaging the Prime Minister’s department, local and international industry partners, Matthew has a strong record of community engagement. His interactions with the public include the Victorian Regional Science Day, Science Meets Parliament, and The Transformational Energy Technologies Forum, as well as interviews on local radio 3RRR and filming a YouTube video to highlight the importance of the research for which he won the 2010 Victoria Fellowship – alongside his other ten awards and prizes.

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