Dr Nathan Boase

Dr Nathan Boase AIPS QLD 2023 Young Tall Poppy

Current treatments for debilitating diseases rely on separate processes for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring disease progression. But what if instead we can design need smart molecules that can do all these things simultaneously? It would improve therapy by lowering side-effects and allow for personalisation of a patient’s care.

Dr Boase uses chemistry to create smart polymers that combine disease detection and treatment. He is looking at how these smart polymers can be controlled inside the body using light and radiation, allowing for remote control of these materials. He is also investigating how polymers interact with cell membranes, which often blocks their entry into cells.

Nathan is dedicated to sharing his research and love of chemistry. He has led the Chemistry Education Show for at the World Science Festival (2021, 2022), and presented at Pint of Science (2019). Having grown up in Far North Queensland, he is committed to engaging regional and remote students in science, as the 2019 RACI O’Donell Lecturer and 2011 ATSE Science Ambassador, and online videos.