Dr Murad Tayebjee

Dr Murad Tayebjee awarded AIPS Young Tall Poppy for his excellence in science.

Dr Murad Tayebjee, a senior lecturer and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, was recognised for his work developing more efficient photovoltaic (solar) technology and his extensive public outreach in renewable energy education. Dr Tayebjee is world renowned for his work on ‘spin physics in singlet fission’, which involves developing molecules that can absorb sunlight more effectively. His work could increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion by 150 per cent, which would contribute to smaller, cheaper rooftop solar panels in future.

Dr Tayebjee is also a passionate educator, teaching high school and undergraduate students about sustainability. In collaboration with LionsHeart Studios, the creators of Playconomics, he developed PlayEnergy, a computer game that teaches students about renewable energy and sustainability. A highly effective tertiary education tool, it was also designed to give high school students a taste of university courses.