Dr Stephanie Partridge

Dr Stephanie Partridge awarded NSW 2023 Young Tall Poppy

Today there are more young people alive than at any other point in history – 1.8 billion. Yet, our modern, digitally reliant societies present unique challenges for young people to consume a healthful, well-balanced diet or engage in sufficient physical activity. Dr Partridge’s research prioritises their right to good health in the digital age.

Dr Stephanie Partridge collaborates with young people and leads a multidisciplinary team with a vision to minimise harm and harness the benefits of digital technologies to improve adolescents’ lifestyle behaviours. She is conducting studies to understand how the rapid growth in meal delivery apps affects how young people access and consume food. She is also working with government and community groups to develop digital health programs to improve young people’s health. Most importantly, Dr Partridge is working with adolescents to conduct all of her research and deliver research that is important to them.