Dr Eddie Banks

Flinders University
Research Field: Geoscience, water

Freshwater resources are finite and there’s an increasing proportion of the global population that are struggling to access safe and reliable sources of water.

Dr Eddie Banks investigates the availability and long-term sustainability of freshwater resources and works to understand the physical processes that lead to their existence. He supports policy and decision makers, natural resource managers, landholders and the community to advance sustainable water resource management. He uses hydrogeophysics and environmental tracers to map aquifer systems and groundwater residence times.

Eddie has been a part of humanitarian outreach projects with Geoscientists without Borders in Arnhem Land Australia and Laos PDR where he has shared his expert knowledge and research to address real-world water crises and support access to sustainable water supplies for those in need. He is also a team member of the UPGro Programme: Hidden Crisis- unravelling current failures for future success in rural water supply in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Eddie completed his PhD in 2012 at Flinders University and is currently a senior research fellow at Flinders University with the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training and the College of Science and Engineering.