Dr Brenton Hordacre

University of South Australia
Research Field: Neuroscience, Stroke recovery

Stroke is a global leading cause of permanent adult disability. With one in four people over the age of 25 experiencing a stroke in their lifetime, we need to identify better solutions to improve stroke recovery.

Recovery from stroke is underpinned by neuroplasticity, which describes an ability of the brain to re-wire itself and form new connections. Dr Brenton Hordacre discovered that early stroke recovery is supported by a very brief, spontaneous, increase in neuroplasticity within weeks of injury. He currently investigates, tests and rapidly translates innovative solutions to re-open a period of enhanced neuroplasticity to enable greater recovery from stroke.

Dr Hordacre communicates regularly with stroke patients, their families, senior citizens and clinicians. This has included invited presentations to stroke support groups, lecture evenings, public presentations and clinical skills workshops with clinicians. He has also hosted and mentored several high school students and presented on the human brain to kindergarten children. 

Brenton completed his PhD in December 2014 at Flinders University. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia.