Dr Lewis Mitchell

The University of Adelaide
Research Field: Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Understanding how (mis)information flows over social networks is increasingly important for governments, businesses, and individuals. Statistical tools to summarise online social media and mathematical models of social networks are essential ingredients for making sense of the modern world.

Dr Mitchell’s work focuses on mathematical and statistical techniques for understanding how information moves across social networks. He builds tools to monitor population-level trends in online social media, and to model the spread of ideas over social networks with mathematics. His research sits at the intersection between applied mathematical modelling and data science.

Lewis actively communicates his passion for science through regular science outreach events, media interviews, Fresh Science, and the AMSI CHOOSEMATHS mentorship program. He has also developed open, online tools based on his research into trends in social media.

Dr Mitchell was awarded his PhD from the University of Sydney in 2012, and is currently a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at The University of Adelaide.